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BTCx and BTCxT 
Decentralize Everything...

Discover the power of BTCx and BTCxT, offering decentralized governance, incentivization, passive income, and seamless transactions on the XDC Network.

Embrace your financial freedom with BTCx and the XDC Network offers a range of services to enhance liquidity and trading efficiency through Toshi, the native token of ToshiSwaps DEX, on the XDC Network.

Seamless Transactions with Low Fees

Experience the benefits of BTCx, and BTCxT a Layer 2 soluation built on the XDC Network with low fees, fast transactions, and EVM compatibility for a seamless transaction experience.

Enhanced Liquidity and Trading Efficiency

Toshi, the native token of "ToshiSwaps" DEX, enhances liquidity and trading efficiency for seamless transactions on within the BTCx Ecosystem.

Decentralized Governance and Incentivization

BTCx and BTCxT tokens provide decentralized governance and incentivization to empower users within the BTCx ecosystem on the XDC Network.

Full Customer Support and Service

Our dedicated team of real humans (NOT BOTS) ensures a full customer support experience to guide you through the BTCx ecosystem and the XDC Network.

Experience the Power of BTCx 

Discover the unprecedented velocity and impeccable reliability of the BTCx Ecosystem on the XDC Network. Benefit from low fees, fast transactions, and EVM compatibility to elevate your digital asset experience to unimaginable heights. 

Explore our Ecosystem


Total Supply


Native Token of the BTCx Ecosystem

2,000 TPS

Low Fees, Fast Transactions, EVM Compatibility




Community Members

Trade on Available  Exchanges 

Xswap Protocol
IceCreamSwap DEX Aggregator
Fathom Finance DEX
ToshiSwaps DEX

Are you ready to Decentralize Everything?

Discover the possibilities with BTCx, BTCxT, and Toshi on the XDC Network. Join us to experience decentralized governance, incentivization, passive rewards, and seamless transactions.

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